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Anonymous asked 1 year ago
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CodingF10 Team replied 1 year ago

When the vin is greyed out you don’t have a connection to the car. Check the enet cable connection and that the ignition (dashboard is on). If you’re using a Mac it means your virtual machine connection (adapter) is not configured well. Try to disable the wifi and configure the adapter again.

djnerd619 replied 1 year ago

the enet cable is connected properly. i have checked 20 times. the light on the cable is on so i know it is connect. i even had someone at the ODB port to hold the cable in as a test. i have already tried to connect while the car was running.

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CodingF10 Team asked ago

Your psdzdata is not properly installed so you have no target chassis, that`s why it`s greyed out.

remove the psdzdata folder from C:\Data completeley and copy the one you have from us.


djnerd619 replied 6 months ago

I don’t think that is the case but I will double check. It works fine on my F10… it’s only my F15 that does not work.

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