Looking to buy…


Looking to buy…
Chris Chimento asked 6 months ago
CodingF10 Team replied 6 months ago

What would you like to know?

chiments replied 6 months ago

Hi, my questions were in the message? I don’t see them here – did they not go through?

CodingF10 Team replied 6 months ago

It would seem so, I don`t see it either.

chiments replied 6 months ago

hmm weird, ok..

I was wondering if you could provide an itemized list of what the package includes?

Also does it come with the cable?

If not, many sellers are offering the software you have here as part of the purchase. What is the draw to your product?

1 Answers
CodingF10 Team asked ago

What we have is a complete solution for coding F series (all chassis) and what`s different is that you will always have our support (new data files or programs when they come up free of charge), plus our remote help through team viewer if you have any issues or need help learning how to code or coding a more difficult feature or performing a retrofit.

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