KAFAS2 module missing settings

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Anonymous asked 2 years ago


My car is a 2013 M5 which has the Driver assistance package.

I have done a bunch of coding but I am having a hard time getting Glare Free working.

According to all the instructions I have seen (KAFAS2 -> 3050) should have FLA_ON_OFF and GLAREFREE_HIGHBEAM_ENABLED which are both missing.

Screenshot located here… http://www.bmwcoding.com/showthread.php?13667-KAFAS2-module-missing-settings
Brief History…
My car did not come with HBA, so I coded 5AC and removed 8S4 (5AP was not there) then I coded the FRM and KAFAS2 modules.
HBA and Variable Light Distribution works fine, I am just stuck getting Glare free to work.

Hopefully you experts can guide me in the right direction.


CodingF10 Team replied 2 years ago

A software update on the KAFAS2 module should fix the issue. Let us know if you want us to perform it for you.Regards!

1 Answers
CodingF10 Team asked ago

We can perform a software update remotely on the KAFAS2 module which should fix the issue regarding the missing values.

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