Halogen to LCI Bi-Xenon Coding.


Category: Coding QuestionsHalogen to LCI Bi-Xenon Coding.
Anonymous asked 1 year ago

I’m in the middle of Halogen to LCI Bi-Xenon conversion in to my X3, F25 2015 (forgot to order Xenons:-(
FRM module is FRM3 (as I checked the OEM parts, it should be the same module for halogen/Xenon/led).
I downloaded original wiring diagrams and changed some pins at headlight connector+ frm3 connector.
Than i VO coded FRM with 522. Then i was searching for headlights modules in ESYS (TMS). There is nothing new, still all the old ECU’s only. INPA shows error : HW-Kodierung und SW-Kodierung unplausibel.

Now the question: Should I VO code except FRM also some other module ? (CAS???) or what is the failure code telling me. It seems to me there is coding missmatch…

Thank you in advance for the answer,

CodingF10 Team replied 1 year ago

Hi,If the installation was done correctly then it’s only a coding problem. What build year is your car? Changine Manufacturing date could be needed.

CodingF10 Team replied 1 year ago

I just noticed it’s 2015 build. Use the contact us form to get in touch and we’ll try and solve your issue.

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