Coding F15, foot light on all the time


Category: Coding QuestionsCoding F15, foot light on all the time
Sergiy Bakeyev asked 9 months ago

Hi Guys
I just started to coding my F15. After the starter coding, my front foot light went own, and not they do not go off as I am driving. Can you please help in coding this.
Also I want to code my digital display to show x5m50d on it, can you advice me how to code this.
Thank you

1 Answers
CodingF10 Team asked ago

Weird things concerning the FRM/FEM module can happen after coding because the modules are being reset but it will go back to normal after the car goes to sleep. Just make sure you haven`t modified any other values besides the ones that needed to be modified for your particular mod. But anyway even it you did that, it can easily be fixed and reset to default factory settings.

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