How to Disable the US LED Sidemarkers

How to Disable the US LED Sidemarkers


Do you want to disable the LED Sidemarkers and give your car a European look? We will teach you how to do it fairly simple.

First thing as always we have to connect to the car using Esys:

Connect to your car

Select target chassis as F010

Select your chassis

Read the Vehicle Order

reading fa

Read SVT

Reading SVT

Then right click on the FRM module and Edit FDL

Values that need to be modified for disabling the LED Sidemarkers

In 3060 FRM_U_EFFEKTIV, find and modify U_EFF_SM_V from Wert_02/werte=03 to Wert_01/werte=00

Click save and go back by clicking on the green arrow on the top left side of the screen.

Right click FA and select Activate FA. The FA Will be activated.

With the CAFD file we modify selected, click on Code FDL.

This value works for disabling the LED SIdemarkers on all models we tested, including 2015.

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