How to Disable SeatBelt Chime and Warning

How to Disable SeatBelt Chime and Warning


Although your safety is very important, there are times when you`re not earing your seatbelt and those anoying sounds (gongs) and warning lights on the dashboard won`t leave you alone! I guess everyone knows it`s important to wear the seatbelt and those who choose not to in certain situations, shouldn`t be bugged all the time. This coding tutorial will show you how to disable the seatbel reminder lights (warnings on the dashboard) and seatbelt chime on your BMW F10.

First we need to connect to the car as always

Connect to your car

Choose the target chassis as F010

Select your chassis

Read the FA and Read SVT in order to see the modules list.

Read the Coding data from the ACSM module and then right click to Edit FDL, insert your Token PIN and modify the following values:


Disable seatbelt chime and warning from the cluster

1. To disable the warnings from the instrument cluster (dashboard), modify the following settings:

3000 Gurtzustandsanzeige_Beifahrer_GFW_GZA_BF set to: nicht_aktiv

3000 Gurtzustandsanzeige_Fahrer_GFW_GZA_FA set to: nicht_aktiv

2. To disable the seatbelt chime modify the following:

3000 SBR_BF_GWF_SBR_BF set to: nicht_aktiv

3000 SBR_FA_GWF_SBR_FA set to: nicht_aktiv

3000 SPW_BF set to: nicht_aktiv

3000 SPW_FA set to: nicht_aktiv


3000 SBR_PreWarning_Fahrer set to: nicht_aktiv

3000 SBR_PreWarning_Beifahrer set to: nicht_aktiv

3000 SeatBeltReminder_SBR_Fahrer set to: nicht_aktiv

3000 SeatBeltReminder_SBR_Beifahrer set to: nicht_aktiv


NOTE: Will vary depending on the manufacturing date of the car so your modifications will have to be done accordingly.

Activate FA, then Code FDL while having selected the file you just modified to activate the changes.

All done! You have completed coding off the seatbelt chime and warning on the instrument cluster on your BMW F10.

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