Disable Legal Disclaimers

Disable Legal Disclaimers


Legal disclaimers can be disabled also, they only warn you about not using certain systems while driving in order to prevent an accident from happening, but seeing those disclaimers every time you turn on a system can be very frustrating. It`s like in Windows: are you sure you want to erase this file? “yes” – this is a system file, are you sure you want to erase it? “yes” – erasing this file could prevent some software from functioning, are you really really sure? “YES!!!”.

Again, we need to connect to the car, read the FA, read SVT and edit the HU_CIC or HU_NBT module, depending on the car you are trying to code. For more information about how to code, read our “Getting Started” page.

Coding needed to Disable the Legal Disclaimers

3001  LEGAL_DISCLAIMER_TIME                                     set to: kein_ld

3001 MACRO_CAM_LEGALDISCLAIMER                         set to: kein_ld

3001 MACRO_NVICAM_LDISCLAIMER                            set to: kein_ld

This coding values should work on all BMW F10 models, regardless of the build year, but some values could not be present on the car you`re programming because of the different options installed.

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