Coding Fog Lights as Welcome Lights

Coding Fog Lights as Welcome Lights


As you can see from the video above, the Welcome lights can be coded to light up in different ways, you can code your BMW F10 to enable the high beams, low beams, fog lights, sidemarkers etc.

Anyway in this tutorial we will teach you how to enable the Fog lights to light up as Welcome Lights. Looks really cool at night.

Newer models will have LED lights so you must modify the values accordingly (for example for soft on choose soft_on_led). This is important because LED lights need a different voltage (lower) to opperate so by choosing the wrong value you can burn them.

OK let`s get your BMW coded now.

Connect to your car using Esys

Connect to your car

Choose the target Chasis as F010

Select your chassis

Read FA, Read SVT to see the modules list, Read Coding Data from the FRM module, right click Edit FDL and enter your token PIN.

Modify the following value to activate the fog lights to light up as welcome lights:

3050 WL_FUNKTION_NSW set to: hard_on – werte = 02

Code to soft_on or soft_on_led acordingly if needed depending on the build date of your car

Activate FA, then Code FDL to activate the changes.


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