BMW F10 Coding Software

BMW F10 Coding Software


The BMW F10 coding Software allows you to enable or disable features on your car that are very expensive through the stealership and most of the mods aren`t even possible with the dealership software.

Many software packs can be found online for free but many don`t work and some even have viruses and are uploaded for malicious purposes.


We recommend using using cj83lex`s Fiverr Gig Everything you need to code your BMW. That`s where we get all the software and updates. The packs he offers are for E series coding also and are well organized, included tutorials for installing and using the software and the guy always answers promptly.  For $5 you can get the basic pack but we recommend throwing in an extra $10 in order to get the latest Esys and psdzdata codind software you need for your BMW F10. The delivery will consist in download links to the packs so you can get started right away, no need to wait to receive a package.

The software he provides is priceless for that low price and even the newest F series cars can be coded that some believed to no longer be possible because of the trimmed files in the latest versions of the psdzdata.

E-Sys is the software used to code F series cars and it`s pretty simple to use for basic coding once you learn how to use it and you won`t regret it because many people are looking to enable features on their cars. BMW`s are full of goodies so many things can be activated.

If you already have the software you can read our “Getting Started” page where we detailed everything step by step. There are many versions of the software going around the internet so we based our guide on the software provided by cj83lex that we recommended using earlier.


  1. Hi,
    What else could change with this software?


    October 29, 2015

    • With the software you can Enable / Disable features on your car, flash & update modules, do retrofits and enable most used modules.

      CodingF10 Team

      October 29, 2015

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