How to Activate USB Video Files Playback Divx, Mkv

How to Activate USB Video Files Playback Divx, Mkv


If you found the DVD Video in Motion mod useful and cool, check out this one, it will allow you to code your BMW F10 in order to be able to play video files from a USB Drive. You will be able to play videos in motion if you already activated the other mod and it`s also great for listeting to music videos while driving. It supports DivX, Mkv and almost every video format you can think of.

1. Connect to the car using Esys

Connect to your car

2. Select your chassis

Select your chassis

3. Read FA, Read SVT and start editing the HU_CIC or HU_NBT module.

4. Modify the following values:

3000 ENT_CODEC_XVID set to: aktiv

3000 ENT_CODEC_XVCD set to: aktiv

3003 API_USB_VIDEO set to: both

5. Save the CAFD by clicking on the blue Disk, then hit the green arrow to go back to the modules list.

6. Activate FA and while having the edited CAFD selected, click on Code FDL.

Coding completed! Enjoy Video playback from USB Drive.


  1. will this work if i have a 2011 BMW 528i with 6fl usb/aux-in. Car already coded to play DVD in motion

    Dave C.

    June 19, 2016

    • If you have the large screen professional navi 609 then yes it will work

      CodingF10 Team

      June 19, 2016

  2. How can i get the E-Sys 3.26.1 software? Do you have a link where i can buy

    Dave Charles

    June 20, 2016

  3. Will this work with a E71 X6 with pro Nav 609 ?

    Ken Arthur

    November 14, 2016

    • No, it only works for F series with NBT navigation 2013+

      CodingF10 Team

      November 14, 2016

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